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Contact us about adoption.     Visit our website to view our species list.

Adopt a Toucan, a Sloth, a Macaw, an Otter, an Owl or one of the many other birds or animals we care for here at the Ranch. We have two levels of adoption:

$100   You will be contributing to your adoptee’s ongoing food and care. We’ll email you a thank you card with a picture of the bird or animal you choose. In about 6 months we’ll email you an update.

$42 per month (12 recurring payments)   Or a single $500 payment.  Your exclusive adoption will be providing food and care for about a year! We’ll take your adopted bird or animal off the “Waiting to be Adopted”  list and move them to the “I’ve Been Adopted” list. We’ll include your name and if you email us your picture we’ll put it beside your adoptee’s picture. We’ll email you a thank you card with a picture of the bird or animal you choose and we’ll send you an update a couple times a year.


Why we have long-term residents


Juvenile or adult birds and animals that come to us with minor injuries receive medical treatment, care while they recuperate, and then are released back into their natural habitat. Ones that come as babies or with serious injuries require long-term and sometimes permanent care. All birds and animals are visited by our vet regularly.

The birds and animals belong to Costa Rica and the wildlife ministry monitors our activities. But they do not contribute financially. As caretakers of this wildlife, we are responsible for the cost of their medical care and food. By adopting a bird or animal, you help us keep helping our wildlife. Thank you.

Contact us about adoption.

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Toucan Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and a Costa Rican Foundation. We do not receive any government funding. EIN: 80-0516453

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