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A quote from Leigh Adams, who visited the Toucan Rescue Ranch….

“What you do is so much greater than just helping the injured and sick animals, so much greater.  You are replenishing the planet so that our grandchildren’s grandchildren can see a toucan in the wild, can hear the call of an owl at night, can witness the beauty of nature, whole and complete, healthy and strong and reproducing for centuries to come!”Macaw


We focus on the care, rehabilitation and the study of Costa Rican toucans and other wildlife. We receive and care for confiscated, sick and injured toucans and other wildlife from government agencies. We give them a loving home with the goal of providing appropriate medical treatment, rehabilitation and then, when possible, returning them to their wild and natural environment. The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a licensed Costa Rican wildlife rescue facility.


119 Birds       21 Animals    See our species list.


We’ve taken in so many birds and animals in the last year that we’ve run out of enclosures. We won’t overcrowd the animals so we’ve had to say no to MINAE a few times when they wanted to bring us orphan animals. If you would like to help us build some new enclosures, please click the DONATE button on the right.



Noelia, baby spider monkey. She came in very dehydrated from a horrible pet situation where her tail was severed. She’s doing great, more active every day.  She’s going to be a handful. We’re hoping she will be friend for Issy.


Caracara Jan 2014A juvenile Gray Hawk came in with a wing injury. We treated his injury and gave him a safe place to recuperate. He was released last week! Thanks to Jenny Papka of nativebirds.org for helping me identify him!!

A young Crested Caracara who has been shot in the wing, very sad and hard to believe someone would actually hurt these birds intentionally. We’re treating him and still hoping to avoid having to amputate the wing.  

Ollie Jan 2014Ollie, a neo-tropical river otter, came to us just a few weeks old. He’s started gaining wait and is doing well. The most wiggly baby we’ve had!




A porcupine that we think was hit in the eye with a rock. We gave him some minor treatment and he’s been released. See videos of his release   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilx_rtCzqd4     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oPSRF7ovZo

TropicalScreechOwls Jan 2014Two little owls. We’re pretty sure they are both Tropical Screech Owls. Have to wait for some adult feathers to come in to know for sure! One is missing many feathers in his wing, so will be here awhile.



Orenpendula Jan 2014This injured Oropendula needed a partial amputation. Unfortunately we could not do anything with an exposed broken bone in the wing. She is up and about doing really well now and seems relieved to have the wing taken off instead of hanging and causing pain. She will eventually join the other two Oropendulas that we have with Issy the monkey.


2013 12 Motmot


This young mot mot is the unfortunate recipient of being hit with rock from a sling shot.  He is blind in one eye and has a dislocated wing…will be a permanent resident.  He is learning to adapt to his situation.  (picture)




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Toucan Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and a Costa Rican Foundation. We do not receive any government funding. EIN: 80-0516453

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